Using exotic fabrics to cover your iPhone is something we have told you before. From leather to precious metals, virtually every kind of exotic fabric has been used to dress up Apple’s flagship mobile handset, including Titanium such as we showed in the Brikk Series. Now, Divoti has taken a step further, and used NASA spacecraft titanium and germanium to create a new iPhone 4 case, which will have more benefits on technology as well as health front, for the buyer. Hopefully the upcoming CES 2012 event later this year, will give tech-geeks a chance to see it how exactly.From what is being said, this cover will indeed add and bring out more from your already loaded iPhone 4. The special grade of Titanium used in the casing is known to have effect on the sound quality, and that too to an extent that audio improves.

phone, iphone, fancy, product design, case, cool, titanium, space
phone, iphone, fancy, product design, case, cool, titanium, space
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One can simply put their iPhone in the casing and see the mentioned differences. Also, the use of rare metal Germanium has created further advantages than those which exist on the normal device. The normal mobile handset is known to have powerful radiations which might not do much good to your health, but the Divoti iPhone case, will indeed help in reducing the radiations by as much as 20%! It’s just that the 99% pure germanium granules when coming in contact with anything that’s warmer than 32.5 degrees Celsius, releases negative ions, thus helping in bringing about the reduction in emission levels. Sounds like a technological breakthrough of sorts, but those conscious of their health, might already have their shopping lists ready with this product already included. It’s only going to be a few days till CES 2012, and that’s when everyone gets to see it, and know the most secretive thing about the casing so far; the price! But when technology and style combine in such synergy, money might just become 2nd consideration for the rich folks.

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