Regardless if you are an all-the-time camper or a rookie to the adventures that lie ahead, the majority of us know that no matter where you go, you must be careful to make sure you have all of the right necessities and know safety precautions. For starters, a reliable and sturdy tent would be a good thing to make sure you have when out exploring and camping, but we all know the struggle and the irritation putting together a tent could bring. Not anymore! Why was this idea not thought of earlier? I don’t know. Lets just all be thankful that the waiting is over and we can now all camp with the luxury and satisfaction of knowing that the pain of putting together a tent is gone.The Cave, The Wedge and Mavericks are the three inflatable tents that are up for grabs. Mavericks is the latest of the designs that is specifically for harsh and extreme weather conditions, and can withstand the wind speed of 180km/h. The “diamond grid” beams located on the outside of the tent have a resistant double-layered construction, and contains extra airtight thermoplastic urethane bladder that keeps the tent from deflating after only a short period of time. This is a simple and easy to use product. So easy in fact, this tent can be put together in one simple step, and is easily assembled by a single individual.


cave_00 cave_01 cave_02 cave_03 cave_04 cave_05 cave_06 cave_07 cave_08 cave_09 cave_10 cave_11 cave_12 cave_13

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