It always seems extremely easy to lose things, no matter how important they can be to us. It shows, on a daily, when we notice ourselves constantly misplacing our car keys, phones, credit cards, and sometimes even our brains. Being a first time parent, or even a second or third time parent, the pressure is on even more. Trying to keep track of your belongings, your children’s belongings, and as crazy as it sounds, you child in general, can really take a toll on you. Introducing the Kiddo; a wristband that keeps track of the most important thing that you can lose- your child. When purchasing this band, you are sent two; one for you and one for your child as well. This bracelet has a smart sensor installed that vibrates both bands every time your child roams a little too far, to notify you and your child of the rules that are being broken. The internal component in the band can slip in and out, and also contains a low energy Bluetooth module, which it actually runs on (which can be charged with the USB charging dock that comes shipped with the wristbands). This extremely impressive design addresses a problem that is in the back of every parents mind.

kiddo_band_1 kiddo_band_2 kiddo_band_7  kiddo_band_5 kiddo_band_3 kiddo_band_6

kiddo_band_8 kiddo_band_4

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