Girls! Maybe you can relate with me, because this has happened to me on several occasions. I was at dinner one night with a bunch of my girlfriends on Siesta Key (one of Sarasota’s nightlife hotspots) and a group of guys watching a football game was sitting next to us, right before they had left one of the guys came up to me and handed me a napkin with his number on it. Now if he had handed me one of these napkins, it really would have got my attention and I might have actually called him. These napkins let you identify who you are, what your favorite music is, what type of ‘date’ you would like to go on, and even your star sign. Cute pickup idea as long as you check the right box!

napkin, date, write, pickup, cute, funny, product design
napkin, date, write, pickup, cute, funny, product design
What is a Napkin
How to make Table Napkins
How to Fold Napkins

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