Motorcycle buffs are about to have their world rocked (and rumbled) by the arrival of the newest Thunderbike line. Equipped with the custom bike makers’ frame kit and a Harley Davidson engine, the Production-R motorcycle is one big bad hog.

A beautiful new beast of a bike
A beautiful new beast of a bike

Thunderbike is known for making top-of-the-line custom motorcycles, like the Metzeler ME or the Softail Slim Oldstyle. Based out of Germany, these guys build new bikes or upcycle old ones, combining classic and modern styles like the Midual Type 1 bike. The Production-R is all sleek and slim muscle with no frills, with the Thunderbike Monoblock cnc-machined aluminum wheels.

Lots of power underneath
Lots of power underneath

The Harley Davidson Screamin’ Eagle twin cam engine just adds another layer of muscle underneath. It makes sense that the R in the bike name stands for Racing!

Gorgeous from every angle
Gorgeous from every angle

To check out the making of the Production-R bike to see all that went into the beautiful beast, motor on over to its Making Of page.


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