esmo sensibly combines a handful of everyday necessities into one handy unit


Don’t you just love it when you discover a design that you never realized you needed?! That’s how many people feel about Tesmo. It sensibly combines a handful of everyday necessities into one handy unit.

At once, it’s a wireless charger, power bank, planner, and journal. To use the wireless Qi charging feature, simply plop your phone down on top of it OR hold it next to the cover while you’re on the go. You can simultaneously charge three devices using the included cable and connectors cleverly integrated into the inside cover. Speaking of the interior, it’s packed with a refillable sketchbook/planner with spaces for you to track monthly, weekly, and daily goals as well as spaces for cards, notes, and your favorite pen. Sure, we’re all busy… but for those of us who are too busy to even look into objects that will make our lives easier… there’s Tesmo!

Designer: Tesmo

Click here to Buy Now: $65.00 $130.00 (50% off).

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