This is one of the most beneficial and user-friendly backpacks i have ever seen, making me come to realize how badly i need one of these. It’s always so difficult trying to fit all of your important belongings in one backpack, and you are always limited on the strap attachments. Also, trying to ride a bike and continuously having to pull over to check your phone to see where you are suppose to be going is a “must go”. The Ducksinarow Commuter Packs comes beautifully designed pack merging fabric and leather into one with junctions to connect your helmet to, of even strap on your flashlight while riding in the dark! This bag is perfectly padded to give extra support to keep you from breaking important items. In addition to that, you can strap your bag to the front of your bike to display your phones GPS easily through the transparent sleeve that faces you while you ride. Did i mention how dapper and clean-cut this bag is? No more looking like you’re ready for a hike while walking yourself into the business office!

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