Ever have that super annoying thing happen when you are trying to take a super cute picture with your friends, or a “selfie” on your cell phone, and you cant take that perfect picture you want because you cant find the right way to hold your phone? Yeah, me too. The Pictar is here to change that for us. Turning our phones into a “normal” camera with an easy grip really changes the game for photography, taken with only our cell phones. By simply attaching your phone into the Pictar, we are suddenly using a camera with a grip and a wrist strap making one handed picture taking a breeze. This DSLR also has five different controls used to operate key settings right at their fingertips.  Another fun feature included with this awesome item is a shutter button. Everything we need for awe-inspiring picture taking!


0-Miggo_-pictar-1000-1300-3 1-Miggo_-pictar-1000-1300-15 2-Miggo_-pictar-1000-1300-6 3-Miggo_-pictar-1000-1300-14 4-Miggo_-pictar-1000-1300-1 5-Miggo_-pictar-1000-1300-8 6-Miggo_-pictar-1000-1300-4 7-Miggo_-pictar-1000-1300-11 9-Miggo_-pictar-1000-1300-10 10-Miggo_-pictar-1000-1300-2 11-Miggo_-pictar-1000-1300-9 13-Miggo_-pictar-1000-1300-12 14-Miggo_-pictar-1000-1300-5 15-Miggo_-pictar-1000-1300-15

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