For the visually-impaired, even something as simple as shopping can be hard. Without being able to see and compare prices, it’s tough to shop independently. However, thanks to the design cleverly named Dotdotdot, designer Woojin Chung thinks he may have found a solution.

The barcode scanner for visually-impaired
The barcode scanner for visually-impaired

The Dotdotdot works like a barcode scanner that you see in the store, such as a the type ULINE makes for stores. In the past decade or so, there have been several barcode scanner apps for iPhones and barcode scanner apps for Android phones created, such as ScanLife and QuickMark (respectively). These work just like the in-store gadgets to scan barcodes for items to see this pricing information.

Dotdotdot helps you shop
Dotdotdot helps you shop

Dotdotdot offers the pricing information in braille, and can read further information (such as product or manufacturer name, weight, or size) aloud. Having this information at the literal touch of a button could be incredibly beneficial for the visually-impaired who desire freedom when they shop. It also offers a layout and information for the store in which they are shopping so that they can move around more easily.

Feel or hear item info
Feel or hear item info

Winner of the 2014 Red Dot Awards: Design Concept, we hope to it is available in the near future…


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