Amazon’s plan for world domination seems to be working out just fine. The company has a gaint online retail store, a new tablet, a streaming TV, a drone, and will now be launching the first 3D smartphone.Perhaps the most interesting feature on this phone is its six cameras! Yes, you heard me right, I said six cameras. The two main cameras are located on the back of the phone, and there is also a front-facing camera. The other four cameras are located at the corners of the device. These cameras are low-power infrared, and they are used to create the 3D experience without the use of glasses. According to sources at BGR, Amazon’s new 3D smartphone will be 4.7 inches long, similar to the Moto X but smaller than the Samsung Galaxy 5. The device will power Mayday (Amazon’s personalized customer service) and will feature a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor. The Smartphone is expected to hit stores this fall.

Amazon's new 3D smartphone in black. 4.7 inches long with six cameras
Amazon’s new 3D smartphone in black. 4.7 inches long with six cameras

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