Marginal progressive, the Flip Scale is a limited device for unbounded estimations. Its unimaginably astute outline enables it to flip over and be utilized various circumstances, enabling you to quantify substantially more than a foot ruler or an estimating tape is able to do!

The Flip is a three-section scale with two pivoting arms and a straight scale above it. The flipping arms enable you to hold and turn the scale when you achieve the finish of the estimation, and the scale itself accompanies ceaseless markings on its front and back, enabling you to flip it over (in a straight line) and over, estimating and including as you go. It’s a smart arrangement that hoists a basic item we’ve utilized for quite a long time to another high, giving it capacities a long ways past what it was at first able to do. In spite of the fact that the Flip can just quantify in straight lines, there’s no restriction to how far it can go. Simply utilize the turning arms and continue flipping the scale and including as you go!

Formed in polycarbonate, enabling it to be clear and additionally scratch-evidence, the Flip accompanies bolts on either sides that enable the arms beneath it to swivel. It additionally accompanies a finished example on its arms, where your fingers would contact it the most. The surface gives you a decent grasp while guaranteeing the straightforward piece of the scale doesn’t get filthy after some time. The scale accompanies edge-to-edge estimations on the best, with the goal that your estimating units include impeccably when you pivot the scale. In addition, it accompanies a treated steel verge on the best as well, so you can utilize the Flip with cutters and sharp edges too to get limitless cutting lines!

Designer: Kalyani Tupkary

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