Taking a lesson from the automotive industry on automation, Mokumono partnered up with 3D Hubs to robotically build the bada$$ bike you see here. Unlike other bikes that are usually manufactured with hundreds of parts and days of manual work before being shipped across the world, this new production method simplifies things. It makes it possible for the build to occur anywhere facilities permit and cuts back on labor costs while saving on the fossil fuels burned to transport units overseas.

Unlike traditional bike’s steel or aluminum tubing that takes hours of hand-welding and meticulous oversight, the Mokumono uses two sheets of 7000-grade aluminum pressed into form and laser welded together. Using just two formed halves joined around a head tube, seat tube/bottom bracket and drop-outs, the welding is simplified and streamlined for automated production. The result is faster and requires less work. Better yet, the number of components is reduced so it’s stronger and there’s less to break! While it might not have the bespoke feel of other handmade cycles, the fact that it’s robot-built does give one a sense of relief you can’t find elsewhere.

Designers: Bob Schiller & Tom Schiller of Mokumono


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