Regardless in our age or career, it’s highly likely that people spend an unsafe amount of our own day sat down. Actually, studies show a person now spends more than ten time a day on the backside! Obviously, this can little by little lead to health threats.

This unique furniture piece is WEE! and it really looks like a fairly fun approach to introducing a lttle bit of movements into our lives! It wonderfully merges alongside one another both an operating workplace and a lively swing to set-up something of furniture which allows the user to remain both effective and active throughout their busy day!

Its designers discovered that an individual may well not always desire to be swinging forward and backward, so when the seating is not in put it to use seamlessly integrates in to the desk to be area of the work surface! Its simplistic and formal looks is drastically contrasted by its invisible feature that brings an aspect of nostalgia and playfulness in to the workplace!

The Wee! is successful of the A’ Design Honor for the entire year 2018.

Designer: Simonas Palovis


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