DIY camera Woodsum laser-cut wooden pinehole camera for photography and art lovers

DIY Camera: Ikea Meets Photography


When it comes to DIY projects, there is just something truly gratifying about the final outcome. To be able to build our own technology is amazing for a few reasons, especially if it’s a camera.

Primarily, it gives the builder a true understanding of the product itself by creating it through a do it yourself project. Just like building your own speaker will allow you to understand how your Amazon Alexa works. Or to build your own camera will enlighten you on just why phone cameras have the camera bumps. Or even just how a camera takes a picture period. Honestly, my favorite part about shopping at Ikea is that I get to put my entire bedroom set together myself. Ultimately, if you know how to construct them yourself, you will also learn how to repair as well. Just like they did in the old days!

As a whole, over time we have become less masters of technology. Being able to Youtube just about anything has been detrimental to us learning and retaining facts. With the advancements we have had we don’t have to really know how to put it together or how it works anymore. Fortunately, there are some hopeful people out there that are still trying to develop various products of the like. Ones that can be put together, disassemble, customize, and fix whenever needed. An example of this are these shoes that essentially should last forever that the user themselves can modify and repair.

Lets take a look at something similar, the Woodsum DIY 35mm camera!

This camera is completely constructed using laser cut wood pieces that the user assembles themselves. It comes with all of the essentials such as a pinhole lens, viewfinder, shutter, winder, film holder, a tripod mount, camera grip, and even an eyelet! Fortunately with the pinhole camera build there is no actual lens and the Woodsum camera functions completely without batteries! The Woodsum DIY 35mm Camera looks and functions just as your typical analog camera does. The user presses the shutter button to allow the shutter to open letting in light. This exposes the film to take the photo. Images taken with pinhole cameras tend to have a type of retro or vintage feel to them. A trend that is clearly making a comeback.DIY camera Woodsum 35mm pinehole camera for photography and art lovers DIY projects from home for men youtube pinterest for bedroom easy electronics for kids

Being able to construct the camera and use it really teaches the basics of film photography and shooting. This helps them understand fundamentals such as exposure, lighting, shutter speed, and aperture. With a vintage look and sturdy build thanks to the loser cut wood, the user can truly feel accomplished after putting together and using the Woodsum with their own hands. This certainly is a perfect product for hipsters, shutterbugs, analog camera lovers, adventurous souls, and those who love DIY projects from Pinterest. Heck, this is a great project to do at home, for kids, men and women. Might just be a great Christmas gift for the right person!

For those who love nifty photography gifts and nic nacs, check out these cool sites: PetaPixel, FStoppers, and Shotkit.

Designer: Suhyun Hwang

Click Here To Buy Now: $49 (27% off)

DIY camera assembly instructions interconnecting pieces

Do It Yourself Wooden Pinhole Camera for adventurous people

Main parts of pinhole camera to help it function

3 versions available of Woodsum Pinehole Camera

wooden DIY camera artistic project to build

Woodsum DIY 35mm camera made from wood

Woodsum DIY 35mm camera made of wood no batteries needed

Different parts of the camera that are included like grip, shutter, strap eyelet, viewfinder, tripod mount, lever, pinhole, and back cover.

Beautiful wooden pinhole camera with tripod to capture memories

Click Here To Buy Now: $49 (27% off)


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