lomo lens

Art Through the Eyes


Artistic photography can be magical. The way you see the world through a lens is unique. It’s the perspective and skill of a photographer that makes photos valuable. And this Lomogon Lens is a tool for creating absolutely stunning images. Add it to your lens case and explore the world. Perfect for both travel and street photography, this handmade lens is high quality and durable.

It’s giving you a look and a feeling that has been lost by a lot of modern designers. What it comes down to is character. These unique and distinct images that you just wouldn’t get with any standard camera – and you definitely couldn’t get with a phone, or anything in that range.” — Daniel Schaefer (Photographer & Optics Expert, New York)

We love that it’s handmade and tested around the globe. You will love the 32mm focal length and manual dial, but the enhanced colors are nothing to complain about either. You even get to choose to match your lens with a brass finish or black.

lomo lens

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