Have you ever seen the best pocket knife that is so sleek and thin that it looks like a dog tag? The B2 blade in the guys at Bomber & Company literally hangs in the tag-formed sheathe around your neck.

The Nano-blade pocket knife remains fully hidden inside the dog-tag formed pendant and it is lightweight, compact design causes it to be the right EDC due to its capability to be both a helpful product along with a ornament.

The small sheepsfoot-style blade hides within its matte black metal casing, and may be easily deployed by unsheathing it and clipping it back to its holder using the blade facing outwards. When out, the little blade turns into a really handy bit of gear both inside and out of doors. The Fir inch blade can perform from cutting boxes to whittling wood and slicing through paracords. Its 440Carbon Black Stainless causes it to be incredibly hard, calculating 58-60 around the Rockwell hardness scale… but weighing under 2 ounces, passing on the excellence to be the world’s lightest, completely functional, 440Carbon black stainless tactical pocket knife.

The B2 embodies the real spirit of the EDC. Designed as a lesser oral appliance much more of a practical ornament, you are able to put on the B2 anywhere, pairing it together with your clothes like a ornament store the capability to discreetly transform right into a helpful tool to get away from fixes. Regardless of whether you utilize it to spread out envelopes or cut through wood, the B2 is the fact that reliable, faithful EDC that’s ever present to help… partially because it’s so portable and handy, but additionally partly that it arrives with an eternity warranty and really should be easily your trusty partner for many years!

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