specdrums ring color and music

The Most Fun at Your Fingertips


Colors are your new mixing board with these fun rings from ‘specdrums’. They are little, 3D printed rings that turn any color you see into music. Sound interesting? It is. You can put these on and go to town, literally, and by tapping any color you will create music.

You can tap on colors from anything or anywhere. The color will create music on your Android or iOS device. There are many options to link your color sounds. Connect a color to whatever you want it to sound like and let your creativity take off. Worn like a ring, ‘specdrums’ are a fun device that offers limitless music because color is everywhere.  They will also make a great gift for the creative people in your life. And if you spend any time around kids, just imagine how much entertainment this will be.

specdrums ring color and music

specdrums rings


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