Blast Your Sound Into the Future

Sci-Fi lovers everywhere, your speaker has arrived. Check out this wild, futuristic design in Bluetooth 5.0 speaker options. The GravaStar is one outstanding design. Made of a zinc alloy shell, has a 30hr battery life, Bluetooth 5.0, and it easily pairs with your devices. You can now have a powerful speaker that ties in with your décor. Or just have a great conversation starter at your desk.

It’s not all sights with this speaker though. This eye-catching device can really put out some incredible sound, too.

“. . .the GravaStar uses a 70mm (2.76in), 20W full-range speaker. The natural spherical diaphragm reproduces clear mids and crisp highs for a clear and smooth sound up to 20KHz. The bass driver is made from a polyphenylene composite and a metal magnetic core to reproduce deeper drums and clearer vocals.” –  Gravastar

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