Press-to-Play Keytar from YAMAHA


If participation trophies and keyboards are your thing (it’ll make sense in a minute) then this is definitely for you. From YAMAHA, there is now the Sonogenic SHS-500 Keytar to answer all your “Do I really have to learn this song to play it?” questions. And the answer is, no, just press any key at all and the right note will come out. Yes, just press anything.

If that sounds like your music teachers worst nightmare, that’s because it probably is. Taking all of the knowledge, work, and milestone gratification out of actually learning an instrument seems unfair at best. Yet all you must do is simply connect the instrument to your computer or media device and download the tunes you want to “play”, then go to town pressing whatever random keys you happen to land on and hear a perfect performance.

But, in fairness, this keytar is more than just a pause-delayed playback box. As should be expected by one of the global names in keyboards, YAMAHA tossed in some features for more serious users. With MIDI inputs you can control sound editing apps on your tablet or computer, and it has Bluetooth and USB inputs. Accessible neck dials control pitch & octave, there are over 30 different sound functions and of course drum tracks. There are also controls for starting and stopping playback from the Chord Track app, but you can only use that if you have an iPhone or iPad. What do you think about the Sonogenic SHS-500? Let us know in the comments.



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