Floating Illumination and Marble

We absolutely enjoy seeing an everyday object carefully reimagined. Even better when design takes the ordinary and turns it into a conversation piece. The ‘Levia’ is exactly that. Made for anywhere you could use some extra light, this lamp will have you doing a double take. And not in a bad way.

“Levia is a marble top levitating led lamp, designed and made in Italy, with anti-fall system and energy efficiency. It works via electromagnetic induction and magnetic levitation. The light bulb has not internal batteries and it’s warm light. Its design, with the highest quality materials, makes Levia one of a kind.” – idea3di

A lamp that defies gravity and adds a nice touch to nearly any decor? Yes, please. The real marble base is elegant, complimentary and the bulb works like magic. Levia has a magnetic feature that allows the bulb to catch itself, too. Let’s say you bump it on accident? No need to worry, it will catch itself. Maybe you unplug it by accident? It will snap to itself to prevent damage. With some more delicate and modern lights, they are easy to break. But not this one. Levia is a welcome design.


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