A New Generation of Play

Nearly everyone can remember the feeling of excitement when they built their first toy. Maybe it was a model, a wooden set, or a project for class (racers!). There is just no denying the excitement and confidence that kids get when they create their own, working toy.

SWOODZ recognizes that and has come forward with new, fun options for little toy builders. Looking at these models, it’s no wonder this product is so appealing. Made out of solid American beech wood and food grade silicone parts, these toys are great for almost any age. No harmful plastics or mystery paint here. SWOODZ come ready to assemble in a number of package options (individual, paired, etc.). You can choose from a car, rocket or airplane. Bringing your kids together to create, share and play is just about any parents dream. Toys like this make it easy. Check them out and see how you can inspire your little ones for an arguably fair price.

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