Game Glass

A New Option for Better Gaming


Could Game Glass be the future of gaming? It’s possible. There is a multitude of games out there with complex controls nowadays. And game developers aren’t showing any sign of letting up on the expansion of these complex game options. So, what do you do if you love rich PC games, for example, but aren’t a fan of your keyboard controls or hate having to memorize all the different keys for each game? (Especially ones you rarely use but when you do need them, you can’t remember where they are). This is why Game Glass was made.

Essentially it turns your device (tablet, phone, etc) into a touchscreen controller for your game. This is such a bright idea for so many reasons but let’s explore it a bit — Who can use Game Glass? Just about anyone. Easily the most prominent feature of Game Glass is labeled controls. As long as you can read, you can use it. All you have to do is tap. What type of additional options does it give a gamer? Plenty. Using this platform, you have such readily available access to complex game controls that how you use them (and when) is completely up to you. That means faster access to all sorts of game content.

And what do we like the most about the Game Glass platform? The invisible bridge it builds for persons with disabilities. It’s no secret that using more complex PC games (or in some cases, any video game) can be a limited experience for gamers with disabilities. But Game Glass offers a new experience for game enthusiasts across all spectrums. And we think that’s absolutely great.

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