The Last Notebook You’ll Ever Need

Many writers will tell you that the biggest hurdle for staying creative is having the right tools in front of you at the right time. When choosing between notes on paper or a device, there is nothing better than sitting down and writing your thoughts out sans-screen.

The creators of the Rocketbook Everlast understand this. So well, in fact, that they made an outstanding notebook that merges both the physical and digital aspects of writing. Simple to use and exceptionally functional, this notebook could be that last you ever buy.

The pages feel like real paper but are made from a polyester material that makes them tirelessly reusable. All you have to do to start fresh is wipe it with a damp cloth. Easily the most interesting thing about this notebook, however, are the “keys” on each page. When you’re done and want to save your notes, simply “X” the key. The app instantly uploads and saves to your desired location. The Rocketbook is a smart and effective way to save money, time and capture your creative moments.

rocketbook notebook


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