slash bed

Innovative Bed from Indonesian Wood


If sustainable furniture or even IKEA is your thing, take a moment for this. Based on the idea that furniture should be easy to transport and still perform very well, designer Christopher White had an idea. What he wanted to do was create a bed that could be highly transportable but features handcrafted appeal. He traveled far and wide to learn more about how he could design this concept and what materials to use. And it’s now to everyone’s benefit that this effort paid off.

The name of the design is ‘Slash/Beds’ and the engineering behind it is beautiful. Folding and easy to assemble panels make up the bulk of the frame. It arrives at your home in two small boxes, making shipping and delivery a breeze. Assembly is fast and simple with interlocking joints and interlocking slides. And what’s possibly the best of all? It’ll last for years and years to come because it’s made out of sustainably sourced Indonesian hardwood. The elegant detailing that goes into the design is complementary to a multitude of colors and textures — making it an easy pick for any bedroom. Check out the video below and let us know what you think.

slashbed frame

Find it here.

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