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There are so many options now for home security. In order to stand out in this market, features are where it’s at. So what does the Angee system have that others don’t? Plenty.

The makers of Angee understand that part of safety is privacy, knowing who’s coming and going, and making sure your house isn’t streaming online. The first step in covering those ideas is privacy protection. You can add users, arm and disarm from your phone, check on any room and be sure that your space is protected from anywhere. When you walk in the door, Angee sees you and changes settings on it’s own.

From the maker,

How does Angee know you’re at home?

Angee checks several parameters every minute in order to detect your presence at home. We are using a combination of the Bluetooth, WiFi and Geofence in order to have precise and reliable information regarding your presence and to keep your privacy intact at the same time.

What is Privacy Mode?

Privacy mode is the default setting for when you’re at home – Angee will face the wall and she will not record events.

Where is recorded video stored?

All video is encrypted and stored in the cloud, accessible only to you. We are using Amazon Web Services for secure cloud storage.

The ease of use alone puts this security system at the top of our list. What do you think? Want to learn more? Find it here.

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