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Do you ever wish you had an extra set of hands in the kitchen? Us too. (And basically anyone who cooks). Prepping is sometimes the most difficult aspect of cooking. It takes a lot of effort to chop and separate all your ingredients – especially when you’re cooking fresh vegetables. Let’s say you’re making a stir-fry. You end up with bowls all over the counter as you go and it makes so much cleanup to do after. Or what if you are cooking multiple courses? You know you must prep and separate to get the timing right. Well, if you are familiar with that, you just might love this. It’s called Prepdeck and it’s going to make cooking easier.

Acting as your prep station, tool storage, and cutting board all in one, this is a box with many features. Use it at home and it’ll be easy to stay organized and have a better cooking experience. The cutting board attaches magnetically, making removal and cleaning simple and fast. When not in use, the Prepdeck is wrapped beautifully in the cutting board, so your counter stays clean and organized.  And you can even pick how you want it to look. Prepdeck is available in multiple finishes to fit your style. Yes, we’re impressed.



prepdeck food storage

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