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What’s That Smell?


How much harmful air do you breathe every day? It’s not a secret there can be harmful, sometimes serious effects from bad air. Think about your commute, for example. If you’re like most of us, you’re not always sure if it’s better to keep the windows open or circulate your cars A/C. And what about your office? Is it stuffy? Could you even be breathing harmful air at home?

To answer all of these questions and then some, take a peek at the Atmotube. Small and highly engineered, this air reading device will tell you exactly how safe the air is you are breathing. It sends information to your phone on VOC’s, CO2, and other gases and chemicals in real time. The Atmotube is a small, durable and easy to carry reader that fits in your palm. Just press the button and start being smarter about the air around you.

air reader  

Find it here.

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