no more snoring

No More Snoring



But once you are asleep and begin snoring, it goesCan snoring really be eradicated? It appears to at least be a possibility with this new device not a pillow. The Snore Circle – Smart Snore Stopper isn’t flashy but what it promises to do is nothing short of magic (ok, science). Wearing the Snore Circle means putting the device around your ear when going to sleep. That’s it. Nothing too exciting to work with analytic software that recognizes and measures the cause of your snoring. And because everyone is different, the analysis discovers exactly what opposite actions are needed to counteract your specific sleep challenges. Once there is adequate data collected, Snore Circle makes vibrations and stimulates the brain, to stop allowing the throat muscles to contract. This combination of tools opens up your breathing. And over time, the device will work better and better. You could be completely free of snoring altogether — and better sleep means more energy. What could you do with more energy? Why not find out?

snore circle

snore circle

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