A products that will make sure you’re fully equipped to step into the outside world while keeping yourself completely protected your face masks and your hand . It shoots out a stream of sanitizer, we’ve got you covered from head to toe! Stay safe! Everyone in the world is worried about Covid-19 and taking as much precaution as possible to prevent from getting it. I am big on sanitizing everything and everywhere with having the SaniCase it is so much easier. The SaniCase comes with innovative designs of cylindrical compartment lined with UV-C lights on the inside. When you don’t need the mask, just slip it into its protective casing and it’ll get sanitized. I love that it is small and cute that I can put it in my purse or pocket.








This is a 2-1 item the base of the SaniCase even convey hand-sanitizer so you can disinfect your hand and sterile your cover simultaneously. A great many people take their cover off to eat or drink, and they’d regularly wind up putting their veils on tables, armrests, or back in their pockets alongside their telephone and key which is so unfortunate.


I don’t know about you but  I prefer to carry my SaniCase in my tote to remain protected. Instead by being stressed over on the off chance that I have get any germ from anyplace. The world really needs this kin of innovative designs. They are so futuristic.

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