minibile s faucet

Cleaner Water for Better Health


If you experience issues with washing or rinsing your dishes or food at home, this might be a great device to look at. The MiniBle S is a faucet aerator that quickly and thoroughly helps clean, with just the power of water. Attach it to your sink and it goes to work as soon as the faucet is on. Within its self-contained unit, it creates nano-bubbles that are 2-3 times more effective than standard faucet water at removing microparticles. Dirt, bacteria, and pesticides are rinsed away. It even helps kill bacteria when the bubbles burst with instantaneous high temperatures (9932 F). The bubbles can penetrate deep in pores too, leading to cleaner skin. Yes, there’s a shower option as well.

At $135 retail, this is something you might want to get into early. You can still get it on Kickstarter for as little as $72.

minibel s faucet aerator

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