Lately we have had quite a few air cleaner. When looking into which ones are the best and do the job well that another topic. But here we have a great design that looks and functions like a piece of art speaker.

Ignore its completely justifiable functionality, we would like a Coway Great purely to admire! This undeniably attractive and superbly considered illustration of design continues to be produced to supply the domestic atmosphere having a way to obtain clean, outdoors, in addition to a fresh aesthetic! Made with the only purpose of fitting harmoniously inside a room, Great has a wonderfully unique aesthetic that forces it to stick out from the more conventional competitors. The clever mixture of the soft fabric finish and sharp straight line lines results in a visually dramatic juxtaposition that people can’t help but love. Appearance aside, the material finish also brings by using it a practical help the air inlet that’s hidden behind it sucks the uncleansed air with the material and in to the filter!

Another part of the design which should not be overlooked may be the focus on consumer experience a obvious and accessible carry-handle, tactile buttons and simplistic interface are only a couple of features that ensure a discomfort-free operation!

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