Following UberAir’s electric flying taxi announcement only at that year’s Elevate summit, Uber also announced it’s look for the 3 metropolitan areas around the globe to assist kickstart UberAir. With Dallas and La partnering, Uber is aimed at reaching a contract having a third city, outdoors the united states.

They’ve even provided us with an idea at what UberAir’s Skyports may be like, lavish structures with the look of a 5-star resort, however with eVTOL airships constantly making records and exits. Partnering with a few of the world’s best architectural firms, UberAir has provided us a preview of the couple of selections for skyports, and pointless to state, they appear regal. Lavishly designed, with multiple levels, the skyports will occupy significantly less land than conventional airports, because of their vertical-takeoff air-taxis not requiring extended runways. The structures will feature multiple helipads and hangars, transporting patrons over lengthy distances (although inside the city), losing hrs of commute… that can compare with the Hyperloop of intra-city traveling. Brace her for 2023, people!

Designer: Uber


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