The HoverSurf S3 Is A Massive Drone You Can Sit On!


You may call this a one-manned personal drone, I think it looks like a hoverbike, but thats what the Scorpion 3 and S3’s appearance looks like. Using 4 propellers in each corner, the S3 appears to be some huge drone and takes off like one too! The S3 has been labeled eVTOL (an electric vertical take-off and landing) coming equipped with a 12.3kWh battery that powers the drone up for 40 minutes of flight, which is about 13 miles when it’s fully charged. It has a very high speed of 50mph, it won’t completely replace modes of transportation by any means, but this is a pretty good start and can only improve with time. Not to mention you don’t need a license to maneuver one of these… yet! Boy would it ever be the best to race with!

This drone is completely made from carbon fiber, which makes it very lightweight than the original prototype body that was aluminum. There is a left and right joystick for steering this bad boy and comes with auto-take off features as well as landing, not to mention an all-weather LiDAR system that will assist in navigating through obstacles. The S3 also has a triple security system, which is pretty serious. Electronic such as sound and visual warnings and emergency landing, mechanical using a kill switch, and passive which include power fences and embedded deformation zones… all that is missing is a camera and an instruction manual for beginners.

If you are as excited as I am to see this launch, considering it could be the future of commuting within small areas, the S3 will be launched in 2019 and will be for sale and if you want to put a deposit as a down payment, they will take it in the form of $10,000. Hopefully they don’t distribute them in Walmarts or on Amazon so the kids don’t see, they will be extremely jealous of the best adult play toy around!

Designer: Hoversurf

with camera best walmart amazon for beginners dji for kids for sale

with camera best walmart amazon for beginners dji for kids for sale

with camera best walmart amazon for beginners dji for kids for sale

with camera best walmart amazon for beginners dji for kids for sale


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