woven rug

This Rug Doubles as a Chair


In the amazing world of design, all sorts of things are possible. And sometimes you even get to see magic tricks. This rug design is so different, we can honestly say we’ve never seen anything quite like it. Designer YOY has taken the idea of multi-use to a new level and we think it’s great. ‘RUG’ is, in fact, a rug but it doubles as a place to sit. You just grab the edge and pull up. ‘RUG’ will pull right over itself and hold its shape, allowing you to take a rest.

The ideal use for this is in small spaces where lots of furniture isn’t practical. YOY wanted there to be an option for those who enjoy multipurpose items, as well as their reduced impact on available space. We’d say this ‘RUG’ certainly hits the mark and then some.

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