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Growing sparkling produce at home is not easy. It brings benefits and much more to you. Think of it, knowing that no pesticides in the water were used on your produce is the minimum satisfaction you can get. How about harvesting your own food… There is always a joy in owning your own garden no matter what. Most schools try to teach gardening as a way of life to kids. It reflects onto your remaining life. Watching something grow and benefiting from it is the least you can get from the entire process. You can find indoor garden kits with smart lights that you can get at your local Ikea or create it yourself DIY style. Of course if you are the lazy type you would wish for something you can clock and get started with.

We introduce to you the OGarden. An indoor gardening device that makes growing fruit and vegetables fun! The device no longer relies on the outdoor climate. It manipulates the entire process. You can grow 90 vegetables and 30 seedlings simultaneously. The wheel rotates as it delivers both water and sun and acts almost like a space station that relies on the sun. This process is more of an eye opener rather than the product itself. This of the same system but bigger and in space. The entire process replicates the earths rotation and how it benefits from the sun.


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