Don’t Forget the Peanut Butter


Do you ever have to toss your peanut butter containers, wishing you could get the rest out? The makers of The PBspoon did, and they decided to fix it. Now there’s a spoon that acts like multiple utensils in one. Like a multi-tool for your peanut butter jar.

The PBspoon is superior to different spoons and elastic scrubbers since it takes the best elements of different styles and consolidates them to a single patent-pending tool. The conventional round state of a metal spoon doesn’t rub jars productively since there is just a single area of contact with the jar. Albeit elastic spatulas work well, they can’t scoop, and are hard to eat off of. The PBspoon has a level edge to rub bumps clean and a level back for effectively spreading your PB onto your bread. It can completely empty out your jar and help you to make the perfect PB&J.

peanut butter spoon

Find it here.

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