nike running device

Running into Pain? No More.


If you’ve ever tried to sprint further than down the driveway, there’s a good chance you’ve had runners cramp. You know the one. It hits you right under your ribs, at your side. Suddenly it feels like a sharp pain just exploded in the most precise way possible, but you don’t know why and you can’t get rid of it. You’re left slowing down to a walk, just waiting out the burn. Just about everyone experiences it at some point, but there’s still no clear reason as to why. There are plenty of remedies out there, however, most of which involve holding something in your hand while you run. And with that idea in mind, Nike has commissioned a device that provides something to hold coupled with vibration feedback for proper breathing. It’s called the Nike+ Runaid and it’s going to stop your running cramps. Take a look.


running pebble device

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