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Who doesn’t want to be in great shape? At this point, everyone has heard that you can train at home. You’ve likely even tried it. But if you are the same as so many of us, you eventually get stuck, you’re out of time, tired, or even injured. Or you wake up one day and find your motivation has flown out the window.

This AI app Dr.Muscle, smartly designed by exercise scientist Carl Juneau, PhD, aims to correct all common issues with maintaining fitness. You start by answering a short survey, and as you go, the AI is learning to generate custom, daily workouts. These exercises are expertly tailored based on your goals and abilities. They will change regularly, as you do, to keep you moving toward your goals. It even tells you how many more exercises you have until you move to your next level of training. Essentially a personal trainer who knows you better than any you’ve had in the past. You are its only focus and it guides you step by step, through every workout.

dr muscle workout trainer

Find it here.

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