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A Power Meter You Can Afford


Are you a competitive cyclist or do you take long rides? If so, you just might need this. A new gadget has been developed that will change how you ride. Well, hopefully. This super small and advanced tool is called the IQ2, and it’s designed to give you amazing feedback on power.

As you are pedaling, you’re placing torque on the pedal bolts. If you train already or are a competitive cyclist you are familiar with how important that is. How much torque each pedal receives translates to your overall pedaling power. We aren’t talking about cadence, although that’s important too. But simply the amount of force you are using. This addresses your balance, exertion and affects overall velocity. And if you are training – you need all of those to be aligned perfectly to get the best performance.  But what’s possibly the most exciting about this product is the price. At less than $228 a pair, where most are upwards of $400, this item truly sits in a category all its own. Get yours here.

power meter for biking

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