Composting In Style

Many of us by now have heard of composting. It’s the simple act of getting your food garbage into a bin that you can later dump in your garden as plant food. It’s an easy and effective way to feed your soil and plants. It also saves you from the nasty smells of food garbage in your home. But, speaking of smells, the biggest drawback from compost is that, well, it stinks. There’s no denying it. A heap of decaying food trash will never smell good – at least not to humans.

And that is why the Subpod is such a great idea. Most compost boxes or bins sit above ground. Just like a trash can. And every time you open the lid, you are hit with the foul stench of whatever is breaking down inside. But with Subpod, there’s no smell. Expertly designed and engineered, this box lives underground. The walls of the box have wormholes in them to attract the helpful creatures in breaking down the compost and carrying it along through the soil. And if that isn’t genius enough, the lid is made to be an attractive seat. Fitted with optional wood paneling, you can even paint the top to match your garden, home or business.  Check them out here. subpod composting box

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