mini pocket projector

A Powerful Projector for Any Use


Entertainment anywhere. We already have that, right? Sure, but not really. Sitting with friends and family around the phone screen just doesn’t have the same effect when it comes to watching a movie. Since the first motion projector was invented in 1879 – things haven’t been the same. Few things can replace a full size image that everyone can easily, comfortably enjoy.  And the makers of the PIQO know that.

Powerful and pocket sized, the PIQO can come with you on any adventure. A camping trip, conference presentation, romantic date, road trip, the kids’ room, a field class. It’s really up to you. The projection abilities of this Android powered device will work and sound incredible no matter where you are. Equipped with Hi-Fi speakers created by some of the minds behind Harmon Kardon and Bose, the sound is sure to impress. Add on a maximum 50 hour playback for battery life and it’s easy to see this projector is not to be ignored.

projector multi-use

pocket sized projector

Check it out here.

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