A Quantum Computer for Business


IBM is setting the stage for a new world of information. For years they have worked on an integrated quantum computer for commercial use and at CES 2019 this week, they showcased the first stable model.

“…IBM Q is building quantum computers with the potential to solve some problems beyond the reach of classical computers in such areas as financial services, pharmaceuticals and artificial intelligence…” – IBM

It’s no secret that IBM has been around a long time — 107 years to be exact. This is partly because they continue to create the edge itself of cutting edge technology. Just imagining the effect these computers will have on global finance and industry is mind-bending. But the IBM Q is also an early look at the future of computing. Could it be just a few years before quantum computers are available for everyday use? Only time will tell. But even if it’s another 20yrs, we couldn’t be more thrilled that this new cornerstone in AI computer technology has been reached.

ibm Q quantum computer

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