Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

If you haven’t seen enough questionable things on the internet today, you may be able to stop after this. This new mirror device called the ‘HiMirror Mini’ has a special purpose. And that is to tell you exactly what type of makeup you “need” and where to apply it. With AI integration and super smart technology, this mirror promises to help you fix up your complexion. And for some that might sound great. Maybe you aren’t good with doing makeup and you regularly ask friends for advice — or you’re always scanning YouTube for tutorials. In that case, this could be a great option. Also, for Moms who, despite the effort, don’t always have time to thoughtfully apply makeup before running out the door. This mirror could be a great find.

But what about everyone else? Other than those mentioned above — who can really benefit from this device? This question makes us pause. And for a number of reasons we want to ask how an AI device is going to be able to give us a representation of “beautiful” for every skin type, tone, shape, and texture out there? Also, we have a lot of questions about programming and use. Not to mention how healthy is it to have another object in our homes telling us what beauty should mean, be or look like? Technology-wise, this mirror is a fascinating development. But from a socially conscious perspective, we’re not quite sold. We’ll wait and see some more reviews before we decide.

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