A Home for Robots and Creators


A new place to study robotics has emerged in the Netherlands, called the RoboHouse. A redesigned campus building, it is part of  TU Delft. The exciting new design makes a connection between historic roots and new technology. Ideally, the setup allows for free exploration and creative development for TU students. But the building is also equipped to house local company projects.

What we really love is its well-crafted interior. The walls and chosen color schemes truly married old with new for an updated look that’s fun and interesting. In the sense of color and design, there is a lab-meets-70’s-bunker vibe to it that we can’t get enough of. Some rooms feature wooden paneling blended with high tech AI. Others have a soft gray backdrop with engine-red furniture. Large, clean space offers design and creative areas for teams. While the overall vibe encourages interaction and learning.

Not familiar with TU Delft? Take a look below.



robo house tu delft campus



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