Solar Roads Are Here

Just imagine it, you’re on your way to work and the road lights ahead suddenly tell you to slow down. There is a family of deer crossing 30 yards ahead. You have plenty of time to break and sigh in relief that you didn’t accidentally destroy a wildlife family. Or how about winter, when you’re just trying to get to your friend’s house for the big game. And even though it’s snowing like crazy, the roads aren’t icy or dangerous at all. How is this possible? Is this the future? No, it’s solar. And it’s possible today because solar roadways are here.

These unbelievably amazing panel-roadways are such a breakthrough in modern development, it’s a little outta this world. Figuring out how to integrate the panels, the lights, pressure sensors, and heat modules, all into an installable, plug and play format is nothing short of genius. What are the possibilities with this type of tech? Absolutely thousands. Check out more in the video below.

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