Ikea’s New Ad Is A Pregnancy Test!


This idea from Ikea is so creative and out there, I just couldn’t help but share it with everyone – it needs to be shared with everyone, who knows it may end up helping someone out. This may actually be the definition of ‘out there’ actually. If you saw an Ikea ad on printed media, you typically wouldn’t think anything about it right? Well this ad has more to it than meets the eye, it’s there new ad campaign done by Åkestam Holst and Mercene Labs.

The name is “Pee Ad”, yep you heard me right… and this print campaign is asking expecting mothers to urinate onto the ad itself. If you guessed that their latest ad is a pregnancy test, then you’re right! After one has ‘used’ the ad and there or no red or blue lines (which means pregnant) a new price, 50% off in fact, will appear under the crib, as a new discount for family members of IKEA. A large topic around the world revolves around Planned Parenthood, as well as the rise of prices of pregnancy tests, so bravo to IKEA for using that as a start-off point for their advertisement campaign in a business sense and adding some meaningful creativity to it too. That’s some marketing if I have ever seen it! I really enjoy that they’re using functional ads now and can’t wait to see what they come out with in the future!

Designer: IKEA

examples definition needs meaning marketing advertisement in business

examples definition needs meaning marketing advertisement in business

examples definition needs meaning marketing advertisement in business


Google Patent 

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