Massage Meets Art


This massager was designed mainly with the elderly in mind, but the Oreum body-weight massager feels good for just about anyone! A Simple yet effective product has taken inspiration from rubbing against a door frame or other object in attempt to scratch or massage the back.

massager electric cordless walmart target best full body machine

The massager, which is cone-shaped, is equipped with magnets that are embedded into the wood body, allowing it to attach to the included strip that you can mount onto your wall. You can easily slide it up and down to adjust the level in order to massage a specific area on your body by only using your body weight. The unit can be removed as well and used on other surfaces such as the floor to massage arms, feet, or other areas. It is not too often that you can find a massager of this size that can give you a full body massage. Not to mention, you would find electric or cordless massager machines at places such as Walmart or Target, but this design brings it to a whole other level. With a compact size, it is easy to travel with or to store. We think this product is aesthetically pleasing, so as it functions as a massager, it can also spice up the decor in your home!

massager electric cordless walmart target best full body machine

massager electric cordless walmart target best full body machine

massager electric cordless walmart target best full body machine

Designer: Jeongho Ko


Google Patent


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