A Perfect Pod for Your 2-Wheeled Hot Rod

Have you ever noticed that we cater to cars more than we do motorcycles or bikes? A garage seems to for the most part cater to sheltering cars and rarely is there much extra space to fit much else. BikeBox24 created a pod specifically designed for two-wheelers to protect it from whether, thieves, or vandals.

It is constructed with weather-proof plastic and galvanized steel, which makes for a very secure place to store your two wheeled transportation. With such a strong structure it prevents the pod from bending, flexing, or damaging the bike inside. The pod has a hydraulic system for opening and closing the pod, which has a hinge at the top to let the door open vertically, even leaving enough space for the owner to enter and exit the pod.

The pod is equipped with a mount to secure your motorbike into place keeping it from falling over, as well as having a tough multiplex metal floor. Securing with a lock to protect the bike from culprits, as well as a handy ventilation system to prevent water from collecting or entering the pod, this may just be the perfect way to store your motorbike, whether it be inside or outside. Some examples of where to purchase a cover for your motorbike are Amazon, Walmart or Autozone.

Designer: BikeBox24


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