We Should Have Had Credit Cards In ‘Portrait Mode’ All Along!


Have you ever thought about the orientation of certain products? In this case, we’re talking about our debit or credit cards. For some reason they have been designed in a landscape mode, but when we use them we use them vertically, or in portrait mode. It kind of seems a little nonsensical doesn’t it? Fortunately, there are some companies that are adopting the portrait mode when it comes to a cards design template, such as Starling Bank in the UK and Venmo.

While it makes a lot more sense to have the cards interface vertically, it also gives it a very fresh look too! As there aren’t many that have hopped on this bandwagon, it gives those few companies who have a chance to stand out. This design also makes a lot more sense when it comes to phone case wallets or card holders, as they tend to store cards in portrait mode. Almost makes us wonder, why have we not adopted the portrait mode sooner?!


Google Patent

Credit Cards

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