The Midtone Calculator Shows Us How To Make Gadgets Less Addictive

An interesting concept… designers trying to design something that would be less enticing and more utilitarian. Perhaps this would help us not be so attached to our gadgets, as technology addiction is certainly happening more and more. The Midtone Calculator is a great example of a product built with a purpose, but not scream for attention while doing scientific calculator app download online full screen

This product and it’s design is very straightforward and simple. With its blockish form and circular buttons, it is the common design we have always known for a calculator, interestingly enough, it has one single color scheme across every part of the calculator. The design is so simple in fact, they didn’t even print on the calculator itself. This calculator was done in a CAD molding, including any branding, labeling, etc. They really did a good job on unifying it, even the LCD display’s background is the same color as the rest of the product.

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The Midtone Calculator still has all the primary functions it has always had, while remaining very calm by not making the extra features or buttons pop out with a different color. As time goes on, we witness people of all ages becoming addicted to technology, some may not even spend one hour without being stuck to a device.  Fortunately, some companies have caught on that this is an issue that needs to be resolved. Maybe one day we will see a fantastic device that still does all of the things it is supposed to do, while not being so loud with its notification lights and pop-ups.

google scientific calculator app download online full screen

Designer: Erdem Selek & Hale Selek.


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